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April 16th, 2006

Image hosting by PhotobucketHey guys its me again...i know i havent updated in a while...well thats b/c there has not been anything 2 exciting going on in my life. Ive also been very obbssed with myspace...and i guess u could say I havent had much time 4 this thing. But i guess ive been doing good so far. What about u guys? Anything new?=)

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January 25th, 2006

I went to Universal for X-mas break..awesome pic

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January 25th, 2006

Me and Kristina just chillin' at a party!

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January 12th, 2006


Well nothing much has been going on lately....just the same i guess, but only one thing has changed......I dont like any one.....yep i have finally gotten over Wes....which is really good 4 me. I really dont want to like any one. I just want to consentrate on other things....like maybe God and school.Besides Middle school relationships are kinda stupid any way. All it is....is a bunch of drama...every one always worried about this and that. I dont want to waste my time doing that. Also boys at this age are so immature....they dont really understand the meaning of a relationship. Neither do some of the girls including me. Ya....i feel that i have been pulling away from God and thats not good at all. I need to get back into thet regular ruitin that i use to be on before boys and other middle school crap got involved in my life......i dont know...but i have been feeling a little bit wierd lately....i just feel like things suck @ home. Like i cant seem to get along with this person in the house....i try but i cant. All i ever do is every thing wrong. Its like i try but i cant and i just get put down all the time. But i know u dont know what im talking about so im just gonna shut up.....haha....but i have had a lot of prblems lately. Personal problems...and i know people cant really see that i am...well thats b/c i hide it all inside....i just shut myself away and pretend that every thing is ok and all that crap....but i just dont know any more.....i dont know whats gonna happen after school is over.....when summer comes. Where am i gonna live? I hope not back with my parents....most of u dont know what im talking about....but it just kills to know that im most likely not ganna be living with the Halls next year. After this school year...im probably gonna be gone. Dont know where and dont know when. But i guess i just need to hang on and keep on praying that God will do the best he can....and also the best 4 me....so 4 now i will just take it one day @ a time. But thats all thats been going on with me...im just happy that i dont like any one b/c its just too much drama and its stupid anyway...but ya thats about all 4 now...sorry so long! ~allie~

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January 6th, 2006


ok well i am so bored....its friday and i have nothing to do...well i have pink eye and i really cant hang out with any one. So im just chillin' here doing nothing....all ive done all day is nothing. I feell so lazy and stuff and i hate that feeling so....nothing is really new besides the fact that i have pink eye. So i didnt go to school today and i got checked out yesturday. So i guess thats a plus...right? So thats about all thats been going on with me....fun huh...~allie~

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January 4th, 2006


Well hello friends....well its 2:04 am and i cant go to sleep.....so I am up dateing....of course. So any way i guess its wed., so i guess i am gonna have to say what i did yesturday....it sounds wierd b/c it still feels like tuesday.....u know righ? Well any way...."yesturday " i went to Whits party @ mellow mushroom.....ya i guess that was fun. Ummm....a couple of peeps were there...i ate pizza....that was yummy! So any way....we also went to a movie....i didnt really watch it! Some people went to this really boring movie so i didnt stay 4 that one....than me, allison,romie,wes,trey,and amanda decided to go to cheaper by the dozen 2. Ive already seen that movie so it wasnt that great.....so i just didnt watch it and some peeps just stayed out in the hallway of the theater. So i guess that was fun. Umm....ya 4 some odd reason i still kinda like wes...i felt like he was flirting with me @ the movies...but i dont know it may just be in my head....its like im kidding myself thinking that their might be a slight chance that he may like me again. Ya kinda stupid, but i will get over it. I had fun over all though....i had a pretty sweet time. But anyway.....now romie and tray are over here spending the night with Gray......so thats kool 2. Umm..ya they are pretty cool kids....haha! But ya thats about all......so i guess i shall go! ~allie~

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January 3rd, 2006


Well hello thier my dear friends, well today was ok i guess. I was just mainly bored....until wes, romie,and trey came over. So that was fun...oh and Amanda. Haha....ya i guess it was fun. Ummm...so ya today was one of those days that u really dont do like much. I had a blast cleaning my room though...haha just kiddin'. That took 4 eva. Yep so Its late and i am bored and i cant go to sleep so i decided to update. So thats what i am doing. So anyway tomorrow is Whits party...ya i guess that will be fun. I like to eat and parties always have food.....haha you know what i mean right? Well i have to go 4 now so just drop off a comment....bye ~allie~

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January 1st, 2006


Hey guys, well nothing fun has been going on. Just the same ole same ole, i have no life all i do is sit infront of this stupid computer all day. Why? I dont know, ummm.....anyway im so glad to be home and u know. So i am excited about going to whits party. Why?....i dont know i just am. So anyway whats new w/ u guys? I need to take a shower. Yep so i guess i'll just go and get cleaned up. That would be nice huh. YA well i love yall and see yall!

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January 1st, 2006


Well hello friends! Today has been ok, ive been traveling in the road 4 about 10 hours. Just got back from Orlando,Florida. That was fun, i road the Hulk which was awesome. I had a blast, i miss my friends though,every one partied while i was in a car with 8 people and could barely move. But it was fun i took some sweet pics and u know thats about all. I hope every one had a blast and u know that kinda stuff well i g2g b/c im a bit tierd. OMG can u believe that im gonna be 16 this year. Thats so wierd, no im not stupid. I got held back b/c when i came 2 America i didnt know how to speak english so u know. But ya bye bye ~allie~

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